Amazon marks 10 years of frustration-free packaging

SEATTLE — Ten years ago this holiday season, Amazon introduced frustration-free packaging, 100% recyclable packaging designed to be easy to open and reduce waste.

“Frustration-free packaging ends customer ‘wrap rage’ by removing plastic bindings, wire ties and clamshell casings, making boxes simple to open. And it’s great for the environment because products ship in their original packaging, eliminating the need for an additional shipping box,” the company said in a statement.

In 2017 alone, Amazon has delivered 120 million shipments with packaging that is certified frustration-free or ships in its own container. To date, Amazon’s sustainable packaging innovations have eliminated 181,000 tons of packaging material and avoided 307 million shipping boxes — enough boxes to fill more than 550,000 semi-trucks, the company said.

The online behemoth added that one of the biggest challenges in e-commerce packaging is designing it to be as compact as possible, while ensuring that products arrive fully intact. Amazon works with manufacturers worldwide, helping them rethink and rebuild their packaging, reducing waste throughout the supply chain, while making sure to deliver products to the customer undamaged. By thoroughly testing products in the Amazon Packaging Lab located in Seattle and also in fulfillment centers across the globe, Amazon identifies specific steps that manufacturers can take to improve their packaging, the company explained. Manufacturers can even work alongside packaging engineers in Amazon’s Lab to create new packaging for a specific product and test the packaging the same day. Only products that successfully pass this rigorous testing program are certified as part of Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging Program, the company said.

Packaging is part of the way Amazon fulfills its commitment to sustainability and satisfies consumers who care about how their purchases ultimately affect the environment.


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